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美國TouchPoint™ 壓力釋放手帶 (5/24寄出) 通過設計 Touchpoint

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小編跟大多數都市人一樣活在壓力當中,每天怕被老闆嫌產品沒創意,怕被伴侶發現有第三者等等,種種壓力令人喘不過氣。直至給小編找到它,來自美國的減壓神器Touch Point Basic!戴上後只需一按,30秒內立即減壓,同時改善睡眠質數並提升專注力,可謂一箭三鵰真神器。透過其專利的非入侵性神經系統技術blast,對於自閉症及過渡活躍症患者更有莫大幫助! 難怪在美國澳洲都一度缺貨,現在港台讀者都可以一嘗無壓生活了!


  • 美國制造
  • 專利非入侵性神經系統技術 – BLAST
  • 降低身體的負面感知
  • 中和本能的戰鬥或逃跑反應
  • 戴上後一按30秒見效
  • 有效減壓, 改善睡眠質素及提升專注力
  • 有效改善自閉症及過渡活躍症病患
  • 經過千用家測試證實有效


郵箱:[email protected]

電話:(852) 2568 2778


這次預購活動是 TouchPoints™ 品牌商授權, 一年固保

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在美國曾一度售馨的TouchPoints™ Original減壓手帶,最近推出了全新的TouchPoints™ Basic。保有其突破性的Neuroscience (腦神經系統) 專利技術 – BLAST,經醫學證明,戴上一按,30秒內立即減壓,同時大幅改善睡眠質素及堤升專注力。

一般用家以外,TouchPoints™對專注不足/過度活躍症 (ADHD) 及自閉症 (Autism)患者也有莫大的效果!

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所以甚麼是TouchPoints™ Basic?

通過非入侵性神經系統 (non-invasive neuroscientific) 技術 – BLAST,TouchPoints™ Basic 以一對手帶的型態去為用家帶來減壓,專注力提升,及改善睡眠等奇效。

經過千名用家實測,結果顯示在使用TouchPoints™  系列產品後有效在30秒內大輻減低70%的壓力。



touch point basic 基本香港 hong kong searchingc  保養  warranty 4 222 222

如可試用 TouchPoints™ Basic? 由CEO親自教大家!


TouchPoints™ Basic 的應用

生活壓力: 大多數 TouchPoints™ 使用者會恆常地使用手帶去減低他們日常生活中每天面對的各種壓力。而壓力對人的影響絕不單止在於精神上,生理狀態與壓力更是息息相關。TouchPoints™ 會幫左使用者回復於平和及健康的身心狀態。

(有用者表示使用後減低90%壓力相關的偏頭痛,改善睡眠質素及增加了工作效率。 )

睡眠不足,失眠: TouchPoints™ 使用了雙側刺激作用技術 (Bi-Lateral Stimulation technology) 去助用家更容易入睡,同時間亦有效幫左半夜醒來的用者再度入睡。經證實可以有效針對身體對壓力的反應,減低腦中的β放射性,提升睡眠質素。


44444.001 touch point basic 基本香港 hong kong searchingc

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對於自閉症 (Autism)及專注不足/過度活躍症 (ADHD)等患者:

經研究證實, TouchPoints™可以有效防止神經系統的過度反應, 對患有自閉症的患者特別有效.

TouchPoints™ are neuroscience-backed wearables that offer a passive, non-invasive solution that may be more powerful than other methods in preventing nervous system hyperarousal in real-time. TouchPoints can be used in the classroom, at home, or during therapy sessions to attempt to reduce sensory hyperarousal for improved outcomes in children with ASD.


  • 情緒爆發減小了50%
  • 感覺統合(Sensory Integration) 有明顯改善
  • 工作上課效率增加
  • 眼神接觸有明顯增加
  • 過度活躍情況得以改善

TouchPoints™ Basic 內包含了甚麼?

  • 一對TouchPoints™ Basic連可坼除手帶
  • 手帶接合器, 充電線, 携帶用袋
  • 一年保養

touch point basic 基本香港 hong kong searchingc  鏢帶 手帶 bend hand watch extra 加購  99


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F&Q 常見問題

How does TouchPoints™ basic help reduce my stress?

TouchPoints™ use BLAST technology that gently interferes with the body’s stress response and produces a more calm, focused state. Thousands of users report they feel more calm, can focus, are able to sleep better, and perform better with use. TouchPoints™ can be used for a short duration to spot-treat stress, or they may be left on for longer periods of time to prevent it, as well as 15 minutes in the morning and at night to help improve sleep.

Who Should Use TouchPoints™?

Anyone who would like to feel calm or help calm down their friends, family members, or co-workers.  Moms, executives, performers, athletes, kids, teachers, occupational therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, and first responders are some of the early adopters who now use TouchPoints™ on a regular basis in a variety of situations. Parents especially find TouchPoints™ effective for managing their children’s ADHD and anxiety.

Is there research to back up TouchPoints™?

The TouchPoint Solution™ recently analyzed statistics from thousands of TouchPoints™ users who voluntarily entered metrics into the product’s app. Learn more about the research here.

The Proof Is In The Picture.


This is data from an electroencephalogram of a brain of a 38-year-old male CEO. The left image shows excess beta activity, which translates into heightened anxiety, stress, and restlessness. The right image shows beta activity after just one minute of using TouchPoints™ with BLAST technology.

The immediate reduction in excess beta activity was consistent with the CEO’s report that he felt more focused and able to problem-solve after TouchPoints™ were activated for 30 seconds.

Optimal beta activity is associated with focus, possible memory enhancement, and the ability to problem-solve without interference from anxiety.

Images are qEEG results using a Cognionics Quick-20 Dry Headset, Neuroguide version 2.8.7, and LFT Tools Software for analysis. They show a significant reduction in excess beta activity 30 seconds after BLAST application in an eyes-open resting state condition was administered. (z = 2.5, z = 2.0)


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